Various Short Plays

Numbers Racket

After eleven years of trying, it seems Robin and Terry have finally won the lottery. But someone is perpetrating a fraud on someone; the only question is who.

"Numbers Racket" was a finalist in The Seven at Fusion Theatre Company. It received a staged reading in the Western Michigan University Directors Festival. It premiered in The Secret Theatre's LIC One Act Play Festival, where it survived three rounds of competition to become a finalist by audience vote. Stephanie Staes directed.

The Adjective Noun of Character

Will Luth's obsession with Mad Libs destroy his marriage to Nadine? Or will he manage to fill in the blanks?

"The Adjective Noun of Character" was produced as part of Moments of Play at Salem Theatre Company. It had a subsequent production at Pink Banana Theatre Co., directed by Paul Matthew Madden.

Odysseus Swims for it

After millennia of singing, the sirens discover that a sailor has finally made it to their island alive  –  and they have no idea what to do with him.

"Odysseus Swims For It" was produced by Turtle Shell Productions, New York, NY as part of their  Summer Shorties, Not series, directed by Stasi Schaeffer. It was subsequently produced by the Pocket Theatre in Seattle, WA. It was published by Smith and Kraus in their anthology 2010: The Best Ten-Minute Plays.

Ruth MusT Die

You're dying to name your firstborn after your grandmother, but your grandmother... isn't. What's a nice Jewish couple to do? There's only one solution...

"Ruth Must Die" received a reading at Books and Books in Miami, FL, under the auspices of City Theatre, "America's Short Play Festival."


A day in the life of a support group for people who feel they're going through life with the wrong name. The motley crew includes Liam, who isn't Irish; Helen, who isn't pretty; and Rose, who bears absolutely no resemblance to a flower.

"Misnomers" was commissioned and presented by the 24 Hour Plays as part of their Cold Reading Series in New York, NY.