flight school

music by david mallamud; book by cara lustik; lyrics by joshua h. cohen

It's the first day of Flight School, where they teach birds to fly. Penguin has the soul of an eagle and is ready to live on the wind. But he wasn't built to soar, as the other birds constantly remind him. Penguin's spirit won't be grounded. With some friends of a feather, and a little help on the technical parts, Penguin follows his dreams to flip, flap, fly!

Flight School was commissioned and produced by Vital Theatre Company, based on the book by Lita Judge. It ran off-Broadway for two years, followed by an extensive national tour and a production that toured China.

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The new york times

"A charming adaptation that supports Penguin's dreams while not ignoring the basic laws of aerodynamics... Simple and straightforward enough to be understood by a 3-year-old, but engaging enough to amuse a parent... The production's biggest boon, however, may be its score."

Times Square Chronicles

"The songs by David Mallamud and Joshua H. Cohen, are upbeat, fun, and move the story along nicely... This is a show I would definitely recommend for a young audience to see. Loads of fun all around!"

Macaroni Kids

"The perfect show for young kids. One charming, engaging song follows another... Boys and girls alike (big and small) walked out of the theater with a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts."