The thirteenth Commandment

Full-length play (70-80 minutes)

A popular teacher, to teach critical thinking and provoke debate, tells his eleventh-graders that the Holocaust didn’t happen. When the press gets word, sharp battle lines are drawn in his small ski-resort town.

The Thirteenth Commandment had public readings at Judson Church as part of their Magic Time series, and Jewish Ensemble Theatre. It was a semifinalist for both the Princess Grace Award and the Playwrights First Award in 2010.

The play received its world-premiere production April 18-May 5, 2013 at the Bridge Theatre in New York City, produced by Libra Theater Company, directed by Tom Costello. The production was nominated for seven New York Innovative Theatre awards, including Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play, winning two.

The Thirteenth Commandment poster

Poster by Zach Zirlin


Theatre Is Easy

"Bottom Line: A difficult but rewardingly challenging play about the human need to probe information to make meaning of life and the probable manipulation of that impulse."

Daily Actor

"I'd be surprised if I don’t hear more about The Thirteenth Commandment soon."

Show business weekly

"Society barricades itself in delusion to survive a chaotic universe that laughs at our moral order by contradicting it. The Thirteenth Commandment demonstrates what can happen when delusion takes action."