Post No Bills

the songs of Joshua H. Cohen

Music and lyrics by Joshua H. Cohen

A collection of random songs, with a list of names that should be delightfully familiar to fans of Libra Theater Company.

Maddy Clapps
James Erickson
Nick Luckenbaugh
Samantha Martin
Amanda Pupo-Mayo
Jeff Raab

Directed by MK Lawson
Music direction by Shannon Collins
Produced by Nick Luckenbaugh

August 30, 2010
The Laurie Beechman Theater

"POST NO BILLS: The Songs of Joshua H. Cohen, directed by MK Lawson and performed by six recent NYU grads, is full of smart lyrics and engaging melodies. Songs about love and feelings hit the DNA of everyone, including old guys like me. Mating, dating-- in song. Cohenís lyrics hit the brain as well-- they are cleverer than most of what Iíve heard in years, and itís a real pleasure to experience smarts (and original melodies) of this level. Songs like "Everybodyís Perfect but Me" show Cohen to be a major talent. Someone should shape this great stuff into a show with a book and put it on Broadway." ó Richmond Shepard, Lively Arts

Highlights from the concert are available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.