My Mom is a Sex Therapist

Book by Cara Maltz & Stephan Varnier
Music & lyrics by Joshua H. Cohen
Additional music & lyrics by Keith Varney
Directed by Stephan Varnier
Starring Cara Maltz

If you think that all parents tell their children about the birds and the bees, then think again. Caraís Mom will tell you that the birds, bees and genitals donít mix!

In My Mom is a Sex Therapist Cara Maltz plays multiple characters, taking the audience on an unusual journey from childhood to becoming a woman. This one-woman musical gives you a glimpse into growing up as the daughter of a sex therapist, and does not apologize for it!

Produced at The Duplex in New York City, November 2013, with Garrit Guadan on the piano.

"Clearly, Cohen's witty lyrics and melodically varied songs are a big reason that this show succeeds. He obviously collaborated closely with Maltz, adding such colorful imagery to the compositions." - Kevin Scott Hall, Bistro Awards

It was further developed at Emerging Artist Theatre's Spring 2014 EATFest/One Woman Standing.