Ordinary Island

Book by James Armstrong
Music & lyrics by Joshua H. Cohen

A corporate drone decides she is a pirate. It disturbs her coworkers when she shows up dressed to plunder a galleon, but gradually, the office is infected by Maggie's piracy. When Maggie is fired, she attacks her boss, and is confined to a mental institution. There, it is up to a well-meaning but unimaginative young psychiatrist to save Maggie from life in a medicated stupor... and perhaps she'll return the favor. Ordinary Island has a cast of two men and three women.

Under the title Maggie the Pirate, the show won Chameleon Theatre Circle's 11th Annual New Play Contest (musicals category) in 2010.

It had workshops in March 2011 in Western Kentucky University's Before Broadway Series, and in August 2011 with Momentum Repertory Company in New York City. It was featured in the Composers Chamber Theatre's Sunday Nights at Square One in December 2012.

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