Fun and Games

Postcard by Sarah Shahanian

Is free will just another delusion of grandeur? In Fun and Games, Amy and her brother Arthur are yanked from their quiet, overeducated dropout lives when Arthur's ex-girlfriend needs to be bailed out of jail. The cross-country journey challenges their stifling relationship and, as Melissa escapes with a bounty hunter on her trail, all four fight for control over their own lives. Guilt and innocence, freedom and responsibility, and reality itself are called into question. It's the sort of trip that makes you realize what life really is... until someone loses an eye.

Fun and Games has a cast of two women (in their early twenties) and two men (one in his early twenties, one in the mid-thirties). It calls for a unit set with a few props and sound effects.

The play received its first developmental reading with Studio 42 of New York, NY as part of their Trials and Errors series in 2007. It then received an extensive workshop with Little Hibiscus Productions, also of New York, NY, from 2008-2009, produced by Sara Towber and directed by Scott C. Embler. Its most recent reading was with Oberon Theatre Ensemble, in April 2011, directed by Walter Brandes.

Click here for a sample from the play.