The Day the World Went QUEER!

Postcard by Alexander Zalben

Book by Jonathan Matthew Gilbert
Music by Lavell Blackwell
Lyrics by Joshua H. Cohen

Small town Sanctityville, USA, legalizes same-sex marriage, only to discover they've played right into the hands of the homosexual menace. Mom gets a duck's-ass haircut and starts riding a motorcycle. Dad gets a pair of buttless leather chaps. When the entire town turns gay, it's up to our hetero heroes Bill and Susie to save the day... and they just might have to amend the Constitution to do it.

The Day the World Went QUEER! premiered in the New York International Fringe Festival 2005, directed by Jonathan Matthew Gilbert, musical direction by John Tarbet, with the following cast:

GRANT etc. - Richard Todd Adams
COLONEL HONOR etc. - Rachel Clark
MIKEY etc. - Jonathan Hack
SUSIE - Marisa Michelson
TIMMY etc. - Eric Moore
BILL - Douglas Ullman, Jr.
HARRIET - Jennifer Dorr White

Rave reviews included:

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